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Ya Gotta Luv It - Host Keith Bradford

Sand Dragon

Rose Angelica

Billy Mac

Blended 688

Alyssa Jacey

Richard Lynch


Featuring Song Writers For Grand Ole Opry Stars

James Dupré

Marge Miller & guests John & Bernie Strain

Scott Simmons

Zokay Music Publishing

Debbie Cochran

Marge Miller

Ray LaCroix

Anna Lockhart

Fraser Newcombe

Linda Brewer

Eric Lewis

Fraser Newcombe and Andy Crossan

Freddie Hart

Marty Denton

Joni Twitty

Willie Carver

Ed Russell

Steve Oriet

*** Special Interview*** Kelsea Ballerini

Let 'Er Rip - Host Mike Bradford

Randy Barlow

Randy Barlow (phone interview)

Dixie Rose



















Bonnie And Quick

Bobby G. Rice & Judy Haney